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A Quick chit-chat on Lifecycle of ICO-Rather than technical aspects

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Experiencing the roller-coaster rides on ICO concepts with technical stuff? Let’s have the gossip about the ICO development services with a cup of coffee!

Does ICO is projected as a spiral circle in your minds? Here're our experts to discuss the pros and cons of ICO development and marketing!

ICO Develeopment company
Newspapers, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Linkedin, and much more social media roar about the ICO fundraising projects. But, if you’re a newbie peeping into the digital assets and its investment ideas, of course, ICO, IEO, STO, IPO are messing up aspects.

Today, let’s have a clear idea about “the parent of digital investments”, ICO and its usual lifecycle of reaching investors!

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is a popular fundraising technique for cryptocurrency start-ups and established businesses. ICO is just like our hotel's reservation system!

Yes! Before the launch of crypto tokens, the team of start-up reserves a certain amount of new crypto coins to the “whitelist” investors who can fund capital for the ICO project. The funds are received in the form of crypto coins like BitCoins, Ethereum or even fiat currencies from the whitelist investors.

ICO’s indirectly promote the usage of new launch cryptocurrency before even getting into the market and attracts the developer's notice. Once the ICO project reaches the team of professional developers, successful steps of launching crypto coins are nowhere longer!

How does the entire lifecycle of ICO launch go through?

ICO launch prolongs for over a week or above. ICO sale happens in two distinct phases like pre-sale and public sale to attain the capital funding goals from the investors.

Pre-sale is restricted to potential “whitelist” investors who may be individuals or firms who pay constant enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies. In this phase of ICO, a minimal amount of contribution as these enthusiasts are rewarded with the bonus crypto coins. Of course, pre-sale ICO is a rewarding technique to earliest investors with percentile bonus and to turn out the attention on ICO project.

Public Sale happens longer than a pre-sale period and it’s the real crowdfunding phase for the ICO project. The public-sale phase is open to all the investors who are legitimate with KYC norms.

Life-cycle of an ICO

Major phases involving ICO crowdfunding for business falls under three ladders.

  • Pre-ICO
  • ICO Development
  • Post-ICO

Official collaterals like legal terms, whitepapers must be shared across the community of potential investors through an official medium like the organization’s own website blogs. This can pave the way for investors to trust the start-up idea of a cryptocurrency project.

Even downfalls and other risks must be informed prior to the pre-sale investors so that they can be free of expectations. Creating a promising whitepaper, a website, active participation on Quora, telegram, Reddit, Social media, infographics discussions showcasing the subject matter expertise of the team can attract the crowd towards the ICO project.

Usually, the community discussions of the crypto world go through telegram. The pre-sale ICO may attract “whitelist” investors to start funding with their crypto coins or fiat currencies, later comes the public sale.

If the start-up of ICO project successfully attains their capital funding goals, the cryptocurrencies are launched after development and shared across the investors. In case of failure, the start-up ICO project returns back the investments.

However, before launching a successful ICO, it’s a bad idea for paid ad-campaigns which may shatter trust as well as money of the start-ups!

ICO Development

ICO development is better in the hands of professional cryptocurrency development with years of experience and success stories. As we are not dealing with the technical lifecycle of the ICO project, let’s not get in too much of traps.

Developing ICO kick-starts from the codebase of existing BitCoins, but of course, skipping the flaws of other cryptocurrencies lies in the hands of developers. Customizing the brand-new cryptocurrency by overcoming the cons of existing crypto coins is about the developer’s passion and the vast trading market!


Many people ignore the post-ICO phase which opens up the cons of this crowdfunding technique. Once the capital for ICO start-up has reached its funding goal, many people out there start updating project status and their subject matter expertise.

But, this is where start-ups must start their marketing through digital, performance, community, bounty, campaigns. Posting regular updates and even risks with transparency can maintain the trust of potential pre-sale and public sale investors. The bounty and performance marketing techniques are great win-win techniques which are beneficial to all the participants like investors, start-ups, experts, marketing team.

After the successful launch of ICO, it’s time to kick-start trading of the brand-new cryptocurrency!

What makes ICO unique on fundraising of cryptocurrency projects?

Let me tittle-tattle the key features to kick-start your ICO crowdfunding process!

  • An easy way of launching your cryptocurrency for use even before launch.
  • Economy fundraising technique as there are no intermediary platforms. There are chances to integrate intermediaries in the near future due to compliances which are constantly breaking! But, as far now, no intermediaries!
  • A quick and easy way of kick-starting the cryptocurrency development!

If you’re looking for further expertise on ICO development services, then consult our expert team to relax your shoulders!

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